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notes from Pastor Katie ~ Feb, 2019

What is worship in the round?

How do we listen for God's guidance among us? How do followers of Jesus navigate times of change as individuals and communities? What is central to the life of faith? In considering what kind of worship services our church may benefit from in the upcoming year, questions like these arose from the Worship Life Team. 

The group discerned that we are living in a time of shift for the congregation, in our larger world, and in many of our individual lives. Although the Church of the Brethren has no creed, it has been a tradition that understands itself as centered on the Christ we learn about in the New Testament as read in community with the help of the Holy Spirit. Indeed, early churches in our tradition had an elder's bench and would "pass the privilege" of preaching among several members of the community on a given Sunday. At its best, this practice offered the opportunity to hear multiple perspectives on the life of faith. In the midst of change, how can we best listen for the Holy Spirit moving among us? 

Worship in the Round, on the first Sundays in January, February, and March, seeks to offer our faith community a place to listen for the movement of the holy among us. Gathering in the fellowship hall will hopefully give us the opportunity to move more freely amongst each other, to create small circles for holy conversation, to look at each other's faces as we worship, to hear each other singing more clearly, to engage the full involvement of children, and to listen together for the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

My prayer is that we listen and be moved in meaningful ways as individuals and as a church as we seek to be the body of Christ together. Thank you for being the kind of congregation who is open to growth and takes seriously your journeys of faith. I enjoyed hearing your wisdom as you shared it during that first Sunday in January both during and after the service, and I look forward to hearing what the Spirit puts on your heart in the weeks to come. 


February Worship Schedule

Feb 3     Season of Epiphany     Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13
Worship in the Round - in the Fellowship Hall

What is love? How does love shape what Jesus followers do and say? How do we live out love in our communities? Join us this Sunday in the fellowship hall for a less formal but still highly worshipful service, in which we will have the opportunity to see each other, talk with each other, examine this well-beloved teaching on love, and create an artistic testimony to God's holy love together.   

Feb 10     Season of Epiphany     Scripture: Luke 5: 1-11
Sermon title:  What about the Fish?     Presented by:  Pastor Katie

In this story the disciples leave everything and follow Jesus--including a huge catch of fish! What happened to the fish? What does this mean for followers of Jesus today?

Feb 17     Season of Epiphany     Scripture: Luke 6: 17-26
Sermon title:  Blessed Be     Presented by:  Pastor Katie   

In this story Jesus heals bodies and spirits then turns the idea of who is "blessed" upside down. Anointing will be offered for all who feel led, following the sermon.

Feb 24     Season of Epiphany     
Race and the Congregation      

Please join us in welcoming Eric Bishop, Vice President of Student Services at Chaffey College in Southern California and instructor for the Brethren Academy course "Race in the Congregation" to be held in Elgin at the General Offices this week. Eric and his class will share their viewpoints and wisdom on this topic.

Sunday worship service  9:30 a.m.  All are welcome!

Fellowship time   10:30 a.m.  Vsitors, take a blue mug  : )

Sunday school  11:00 a.m.   For all ages

Wednesday Morning Bible study 10 a.m. each week. We will study the scripture text that will be used for our worship service the following Sunday. Join us for a spirited, open discussion!