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notes from Pastor Katie ~ June, 2018

There is Power in Love

How do we go on loving even when we hurt each other? How do we sustain healthy relationships despite our human failings? Sometimes that takes appropriate boundary setting. Sometimes it means making ourselves vulnerable again at the risk of hurt. Sometimes it's hard to know even where to begin.

I fail so often. I fail to do all the things I wish I could do. I fail to be as loving as I wish I could be. I make mistakes I wish I did not. I know that I am far from alone in this constant practice of failure. A growing edge for me is to let it be indeed a practice and to love myself anyway, just as God loves me.

I'm getting better at this practice as I get better at practicing forgiveness for others. I wish I could say that no one ever disappointed me in my life but that would be a big fat lie. None of us can all the time live up to the expectations of each other no matter how hard we try.

Thank God the scriptures are full of what to do about this brokenness and how to create community anyway. Thank God the scriptures are full of attestations to God's undying love that can never be broken no matter how much we mess things up. I would like to say thank God that the scriptures are also full of the call to love each other like that too, but that I think is one of the hardest part for many of us humans. Love each other? Love myself? Despite all these hurts, limitations, and mistakes?  The scriptures answer, yes, yes, and yes.

That is what I believe church is for. It's not a place to try to show how perfect we are. It's a place to learn to be okay with how flawed and yet beautiful, loved, and valued we are, where we can laugh, cry, pray, and sing through the joy and the pain of being human.

On the grandly public platform of the recent royal wedding Bishop Michael Curry preached on the power of love to redeem, heal, and even bring together two people across races and cultures that have been marked by a history of violent oppression, for the power of God's love is "as strong as death." Imagine what love can do with us? Imagine, as Bishop Curry invited, a neighborhood, a church, and a world where "love is the way." As the weather warms this summer, I invite us too to practice warming up our lives, our relationships, and our church with the precious, powerful, holy, healing love of God.

Christ's Peace,

Pastor Katie


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