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Special Worship

communion and towel

Love Feast

Twice a year Highland Avenue celebrates Love Feast, a remembrance of the last meal shared between Jesus and his disciples, with feetwashing, a common meal, and the Eucharist. Our next Love Feast will be held on Maudnay Thursday - April 18, 2019.

You are welcome whether you are a member or non-member, experienced feet-washer or first-timer. Children are welcome to participate at their family’s discretion. Childcare will also be available. 

In a world of disconnection from other people, from our own bodies, and from God, Love Feast is a radical way of re-connecting, and of re-enacting some of the last moments Jesus’ followers spent with him before he was crucified and resurrected.

The service will include a time for the ritual of feetwashing, a practice that has been carried out by folks in our faith tradition for centuries. If you are new to this practice please feel emboldened to try something new. Please also feel free to observe as needed. Questions are welcome.